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The Transformation Begins

Posted on August 17, 2014

Rhino Linings SEMA 2014 Trail Reaper Build

It’s not easy becoming a legend.

We’ve been talking to our Jeep. We’ve been pumping him up. We told him it wouldn’t be easy to go from stock to hunter and the process could be difficult. Was Bruce Banner’s transformation into the Hulk pleasant? Peter Parker’s transformation into Spiderman peaceful? James “Logan” Howlett’s operation to become Wolverine tranquil?!

As it it happens to be for most of the greats, great power requires great sacrifice. Now, our Wrangler JK must give up the old before it can be enhanced with the new. And so our Jeep Wrangler’s transformation begins with the tear down.

Fortunately, winning great aftermarket accessories from Rhino Linings isn’t nearly as demanding as becoming a legend. Enter Rhino Linings Run My Build Giveaway now for your chance to win aftermarket accessories to transform your ride into your hero.

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