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What to Name a Purebred Hunting Machine?

Posted on July 11, 2014


Disclaimer: according to Wall Street suits who conducted some obscure survey, naming your ride or your guns or other inanimate possessions may make you “not normal.”  By that definition, no one who works at Rhino Linings is “normal”… which could explain some of the suggested names that popped up while we were brainstorming on what to call this build.

We knew it had to epic. It had to capture the pure awesomeness and brutality of the hunting rig you guys summoned by votes in our Run My Build sweeps. (And it had to be politically correct.)

Among my favorite names that came up and that I can write here without getting into trouble include: Carcass Eater, Hades Chariot, Sinister Slaughterer, Bone Collector, Executioner, The Finisher (lol), and Necromancer.

All awesome names, I’m sure you all agree. But none of them made the cut. So, what do you call a killer Jeep® Wranger JK build to rule the forests?

We’ve anointed this build: Trail Reaper

Tell us, what would you name a machine engineered to hunt in the woods? Leave your best in the comment section below.

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